To innovate, think like Robespierre, Socrates and the Bolsheviks


Short List: Barn raising, popularised in the 19th century and still popular with the Amish, has been cited by the Harvard Business Review as this season's must-have idea for innovators. What else from the ash heap of history could point the way to the future? 

18th August 2016
By Larry Ryan


What phrenology can tell us about Design Thinking


Why the levellers were the original Disrupters


Take inspiration for Systems Change by examining the fall of Tzarist Russia


How the meta fiction of Tristram Shandy gave us Pokemon Go


What cities in the post-Brexit era could learn from a 14th-century trading bloc


Socrates was the Elon Musk of classical Athens


To Scale Up, act like a Viking ship


Big Data explained by the Census of Quirinius


To create a Theory of Change, think like Robespierre


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