Reasons you support the Trump administration

Reasons you support the Trump administration


Short List: Here's why you're backing the tiny-handed revolution

20th January 2017
By Oscar Rickett

You've stopped caring

You are white

You know the world is bad and that it needs to end

You are a professional Donald Trump impersonator

You want to witness the apocalypse

You are an executive vice president at the Trump Organisation

You run a construction firm that specialises in building walls

You love watching liberals get ever more outraged

You are an American professional golfer

You are a journalist and Trump is great copy

You don't know why, but you are in love with Donald Trump

You see beauty behind the monstrous mask Donald wears at all times

You are pathologically optimistic

You own many guns

You've got a crush on Ivanka

You've got a crush on Eric

You've got a crush on Donald Jr

You like the name Barron

You are Mike Pence

You got on the Trump Train and now don't know how to get off

You can no longer feel your face

You're addicted to the circus, baby


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